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that converts.

Your About Us page is one of the most visited pages on your entire website, purely for creating credibility and trust. By being a trust worthy brand you ensure that you will not only  generate new customers, but that they will also become returning customers. This is mainly achieved by being yourself, humanizing your about  page will make your potential customers far more at ease than an overly formal constructed page. This page is the place to brag somewhat about yourself and your business, however keep your copy to facts and figures instead of unjustified hype.

Stating your business is on time, every time means nothing.

But saying you have a 99.7% on time shipping, suddenly adds actual figures & margins that can be compared.

Write from your customers perspective.

  • What do you do?
  • How will your business benefit me?
  • Why should I trust you?

About Us pages are often the first place to

establishing new relationships with customers.


Understanding why your business does what it does will humanize and give legitimacy to your business story.  This creates subconsciously the feeling of comfort and trust. Understanding what you do, makes potential customers feel like they know what they are doing.

Professionalism has it place, but not necessarily within your About Us page.  Formal and Industry lingo often leads to stiff, safe copy, making it the perfect way for your about us page to fit within the masses.  The main idea of your about us page is to show your unique selling point (UPS), how different you are, not how similar you are.

Descriptive and emotional copy will work harder for your business than any generic copy will ever do. Don’t try to seem distant, instead be personal, first person and direct to your specific target audience regarding your writing style.  It should be noted that if you use business lingo you need to be sure that your target audience will understand it, that is it part of their everyday aswell.  Unclear business language will only confuse your visitors, not convert them.



Your About Us page can be about:

  1. Your Story
  2. Your Founders
  3. Your Mission
  4. Your Morals
  5. What problem you can solve for your customers
  6. Your Experience
  7. Your Credibility

You can even talk about what you are not.

Your About Us Page

is to function 

as an old school

face-to-face meeting.


Your About Us page is about you, but it should be about you regarding, to how you will improve your customers life.

Consider writing:

“I launched this store to provide customers around the world with high quality, handmade jewelry that they cherish for life.

Instead of:

“I launched this store to fulfill my personal dream of selling my jewelry designs and becoming a leader in the industry.”

Both actually say the same thing, but its about how you say things.  The first focuses on the valued service that can be added, while the second seems a tad ego-centric.  Be honest and confident about your service/product, by returning to how this will benefit your customers.

5 W’s of Marketing 

Who | What | Why | When | Where



Write one concise paragraph:

  1. Who you are
  2. What your business can do for your customers
  3. Why you are the best choice for your customers, compared to your competitors


About Us pages love…

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Social Sharing Stats
  • Customer Logos
  • Product Reviews and Star Ratings from Users
  • Awards
  • Industry Influencer Endorsements
  • Customer Pictures / Videos (of real users using your product)
  • Customer Success Stories / Case Studies
  • Partnerships
  • Trust Badges

About Us pages are the

perfect space to showcase any

press releases, endorsements or

awards your business

may have worked for.

Ensure that your customers knows

what you do & how that will benefit them personally.

3. Add some visuals

It is important not to bore your customers with lengthy chapter long discussions of why you are the best.  Instead try and find visual ways to break your content into bite size sections.

Many interactive website make us of a Timeline approach to tell their company’s story, history and founders.  It is essential that you keep your About Us short and concise, considering the mass amount of skimming.  By using the timeline you break your companies journey up into small bite size information as well as keeping them more engaged through visual stimulation.

Another approach could also be that of your team photos.  Showcasing your team does add credibility to your business, people like to see real faces for their real money.  It is here that high quality fun photos can play to your advantage.

Please never use stock photos for your team photos, this does quit the opposite to establishing trust.

4. Call to Actions

A well written About Us page can be extremely convincing, making it essential that you try and take advantage with a call to action at the end of the page.  You can even use the same call to action as you have done in your homepage.

Simply ensure your customer knows what you want them to do, after you convinced them of how great you are.

Remember to use direct persuasive language, personalized to the top 20% of your customers.

Personalized CTAs

convert 42% more visitors

into leads than

untargeted CTAs.


You will have a difficult time to improve your client conversions without the credibility and trust from a well constructed about us page, making them one of the most valuable pages in your entire site.  We are all people using people to make our lives easier.  Make your customers’ life easier by showing you can be trusted with their money and time.  In the end, they are be people that will help your business grow though excellent testimonials and plain old simple word of mouth.

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