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that converts.

An excellent starting point towards creating a well structured product/service page is by staring to answer the questions your customers may have. Q&As are generic, but they work.  All customers have similar concerns, supplying the answers in a format that your customers expect will ensure they find their answers and aren’t alienated by foreign ideas and layouts.

Your service/product pages should have a detailed description for each product/service you offer.  The descriptions don’t need to be lengthy, instead they should be concise but packed with information.  Consider the description as a small summary, write about the benefits, the gains and support this product/service will deliver

Write from your customers perspective.

  • What problem will your service/product solve?
  • Why do I have the need for your service/product?
  • Why are your business the best to offer this service/product?


Urgency gets your potential customers to become actual customers, turning the maybe into a now!
In most aspect of marketing this is the desired effect, however a touch of finesse is required. Your service/product page wants to try and balance this urgency.  Meaning; you don’t want your potential customer to feel that your product/service will be off the market tomorrow, but at the same time it is still a benefit to buying now, instead of tomorrow.

Instead you want to create a solid customer foundation, where you hook your customer to become a returning customer; while maintaining the urgency to buy/sign-up for your product/service in this moment.


A well design and written product/service page are essential for a functional website. This is after all your business, the service/product you sell. Product/Services pages should be unique, considering that each product or service will be different form another. Large corporations often goes as far as to give each product a different landing page, perhaps even a different style of branding entirely.

Taking the time to think, design and create each section of your website with a clear focus of what that sections’ main purpose are, will ensure a website that works well & converts well.  Simpy lathering in pages and pages of copy will not convert, instead it will chase possible customers away.

Write your content unique, focused & in an easy manner.



Your Visuals should be…

  • Full Screen images (1920 *1080px) will allow the most amount of freedom.  Low quality pixelated images will give your business an instant bad touch.  How can customers believe you will take the time to deliver a professional service/product to them, when your own website represents less.
  • Product photos should be taken from multiple angles, ensuring your customer feels assured of what they buy.
  • Product size representation is essential.  Simply stating the dimensions of your product is the bare basics today.  It is considerate to make size recognition easy for your customers, by simply placing your product next to a socially familiar object (matchbox) in one of the shots.

Make the effort, arrange for a professional photoshoot.

Incorporating your brand and mission where possible will also strengthen your unity as a business worth trusting.  This trust can be proven with customer testimonials directly related to the product.  It is here that we marketers also like to supply a “suggestion-real” of similar products/services, based on your Google Analytics.  Creating a logical closed loop will increase your conversion rate.

Beautiful imagery and fulfilling descriptions are the start to creating a product/services page that converts.

Video is becoming King

Video content has shown to become an increasing growing method of content generation. This is not only for e-commerce sites, but for all fields of websites and content generation.

Try to create new content in an interactive manner, also if the budget allows, to and rework old content to be interactive and video!


It is so surprising that so few websites give their prices, that they insist on a quoting system.  The sad part is that many of these business loose their potential customer at this very linchpin. By not supplying the price you will force your customers to leave your website frustrated, even if you have unique content with star rating testimonials.

Not giving the price leaves your customer with two undesirable options.
One, I can’t afford it.
Two, I don’t have the time to find out if I can afford it.

As such, supply your customers with as complete a price you can,

  • Vat/Tax incl/excl
  • Delivery/Shipping incl/excl,
  • what else can be charge for an how.

Making the pricing system as logical and visible as possible will leave you with calm customers, allowing them to enjoy the shopping experience.  This will cement that loyal-customer trust, that we, marketers are after for.

Supplying a service that’s without a fixed pricing structure can be more difficult, but not impossible.
It is here that case studies work well. Showcasing several project of different sizes (for example) will give your potential customers a very good idea if they can afford you. Creating curiosity is more valuable than creating a dead end path with no pricing structure.

The buying circle start with a single question and move forward once answered.

Don’t allow the price to be the end of your profit circle.

Supply your customers

with an enclosed marketing loop

Meaningful service & product pages can make the difference between a converted client and a visitor.  It is for this reason that you shouldn’t just upload your products one after the other, not thinking about each product/service as an individual entity.

Business owners need to understand that your customers are most probably already anxious about buying a product/service online, a place where they can’t touch what they’re buying.  It is for this reason that you have to make the process as easy and as clear as possible, as they can only see with what you provide them.

Size representation prevents disappointed customers

  • Shoot your product next to a social familiar object, like a matchbox
  • Shoot your product from all angles, the more the merrier.

If your product is an extension/add on the another product, then ensure your customers can see it clearly and find the main product close by.

Each product/service should be able to stand alone, caring your business brand forward with certainty.  Ensure this is done though consistent branding, descriptive writing and enlighten imagery.

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